Live Review: A Day To Remember + Neck Deep + Moose Blood

A Day To Remember + Neck Deep + Moose Blood // Gasometer, Wien (Austria)
Words: Miljan Milekić // Photos: Tamara Samardžić

If there were any doubts, this tour blew them off. A Day To Remember have entered the big league. Bad Vibration may not be their best work, but it was just what the band needed. Huge songs, more than a few with hit potential, combined with older favorites gave the band enough material for almost two-hour set full of smashers. Add in their biggest production yet, and the stage presence they’re known for, and you have the whole package.

Smart choice of supporting acts made this tour even more special. Next generation of indie emo sound provided by relatively new band Moose Blood, was just enough to get the crowd in the mood. They still don’t look quite comfortable on the big stage, but occasions like this are just what they need. Neck Deep on the other hand, although young, looked far more experienced and ready. Their record Life’s Not Out to Get You made them one of the “big boys” of the pop punk scene, and their hard work is what keeps them there. Their forty-minute set had just enough depth to get the crowd going, and to make headliner’s job easier.

Since the big screens showed the message “Shit’s working” a few moments before the show began, it was perfectly clear what we should expect. A Day To Remember sounded strong, powerful, and ready to tear the place down. They may have serious production, but they made sure not to be taken too seriously. Confetti, t-shirts, beach balls and inflatable toys, even some toilet-paper were launched from the stage while crowd responded with big circle pits, crowd surfing, riding the inflatable whales and alligators or even “surfing on a crowd surfer”.

A Day To Remember may have enough riff power to compete with any metal band around, but it’s the melodies that make their sound so big – sing-alongs were part of every single song. Having fans that are loyal and ready to have fun made the band look happy and amused on the stage. In their core, A Day To Remember are a pop punk band. They do have some serious songs, they do approach some serious topics in their music, letting many fans relate to them and make such strong connection. They do, but they have never forgotten how to have fun. That last component is the most importantone at their shows, and the one that makes their shows exactly what their band name says. And let’s pretend this didn’t sound cheesy.

_DSC8503_DSC8497_DSC8496_DSC8546_DSC8543_DSC8531Moose Blood
_DSC8650_DSC8715_DSC8695_DSC8700_DSC8657-2_DSC8739_DSC8732Neck Deep
_DSC8927-2_DSC8903_DSC9017_DSC8978_DSC9016(1)_DSC8996_DSC9021_DSC9190A Day To Remember
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