Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan // Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, Alabama (USA)
Words and Photos by Teddie Taylor

One of the greatest parts of a Dillinger Escape Plan show is the extremity with which people respond to their music. At a Dillinger-only show, the atmosphere is one of insane adoration and frenetic movement. Opening for Soundgarden’s middle-aged fans, though, there is less insane adoration and more intense confusion and disdain. (Don’t quote me, but I am more than 43% sure Greg Puciato yelled “Are we boring you old fuckers?!” to the Alabama crowd.)

More than half of the attendees had somehow never heard of the band they only knew as “the opener.” How did they not at least know about the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards where Greg’s face was covered in blood?! Better late than never – LISTEN TO AND SEE THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN!

With the band breaking up at the end of the year, each set before December 30th must be remembered in detail. Greg’s banter with the crowd. The number of times Ben jumps onto or off of something tall. The instruments/gear that gets smashed or thrown at the end of the show. The number of times you’ve seen them play “Milk Lizard…” TDEP is a group that sparks friendships based on the stories from their concerts.

There are few bands as selfless with their bodies as TDEP have been throughout their careers. There are even fewer bands who are as willing to abuse gear. No one is comparable to The Dillinger Escape Plan and, until they reunite some years down the road, no one will approach their level of, well, everything. You have just over 7 months to scream along to “Prancer,” see Ben destroy a guitar or watch with horror as Greg leaps from a balcony onto an eager sea of heads and arms below one last time.


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