Live Review: Warpaint

WARPAINT // One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans (US)
Words & Photos by Teddie Taylor

It’s obvious that Warpaint love every moment of being onstage together. More so than any other group, they smile, dance and seem to be fully enveloped in the atmosphere of whatever city they’re gracing with their presence. As Theresa Wayman sings in “Love Is To Die,” “love is to dance.” Even for a non-dancer, there is no stillness amidst their grooves and angelic vocals.

The serenity, clarity and sheer beauty of the vocals Theresa Wayman and Emily Kokal share are even more astounding in person. Jenny Lee Lindberg’s outfits and overflowing grins make her exude “cool.” Stella Mozgawa’s easy shifts from R&B stylings to more simpler patterns solidify her as one of the most talented and captivating drummers. Again, the word “cool” embodies everything about the four members from their individual styles to their musicianship to their stage presence to their personalities. They are the group of girlfriends every woman dreams of having.

Visiting older tracks, like “Beetles,” more current ones such as “New Song” and the eternal favorites “Undertow” and “Disco//Very,” it was exciting that the quartet decided not to overload the night with Heads Up tracks. The earlier songs brought up memories of first hearing “Krimson” and discovering Warpaint years ago. The latest ones reminded everyone why Warpaint can do no wrong. They meld genres and create of sounds that are forward thinking and perfectly complementary to the visuals they present. The pink, green and purple lights, accompanied by occasional smoke, created the dreamy aura that their music radiates.

As ethereal as they appear in photos, Theresa, Emily, Jenny and Stella are even more entrancing in person. There is nothing but happiness.


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