Loscil to release new album, listen to new song “Equivalent 7”

Loscil to release new album Equivalents via Kranky, 16 August”. Canadian composer Scott Morgan’s 12th long-player as Loscil takes its title from an influential series of early 20th century photographs by Alfred Stieglitz. The name Equivalents referred to Stieglitz’s notion of the photographs as being equivalent to his “philosophical or emotional states of mind;” the same could be said of these eight weighty, shivering chiaroscuros of sound.

Listen to a brand new track below.

The entirety of the record was created specifically for the album with the exception of “Equivalent 7,” which began as a dance score for frequent collaborator Vanessa Goodman. The album version of this track was reworked with Vancouver musician Amir Abbey aka Secret Pyramid.

Cloud photographs taken by Scott Morgan at various locations throughout Cascadia in 2018.

Track listing and artwork below:

Equivalent 1
Equivalent 3
Equivalent 6
Equivalent 5
Equivalent 2
Equivalent 8
Equivalent 7
Equivalent 4

June 20 Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, QLD, Australia
June 21 The Substation Melbourne, VIC, Australia
June 28 Carriageworks Sydney, NSW, Australia
// also //
July 20 SFU School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver BC
Aug 23 MUTEK, Montreal

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