Lucrecia Dalt shares video for “Ser boca” featuring Candela Capitán

Lucrecia Dalt collaborates with Spanish choreographer Candela Capitán and director Pedro Maia for “Ser boca” video. The trio have been collaborating on the visual elements of Dalt’s recently released album (out on RVNG Intl), No era sólida, which “Ser Boca” is taken from.

Candela is a force of nature capable of turning movement into poetry. In her work, she fuses humour with the grotesque and in the video for “Ser Boca” she transforms Dalt into her fleshy puppet. Portugese director and visual artist Maia uses his signature solarization style, giving the video it’s unique hue.

Watch the video for “Ser Boca” below:

Photo credit: Camille Blake
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