Lungbutter – Honey

Lungbutter - Honey (Constellation Records)

Honestly, I have to say that Lungbutter’s debut album is a genre-bending gem. Honey has the ability to engage your intellect and to communicate with such immediacy that it’s easy to feel confrontational and with frantic energy levels, but at the same time introspective and sometimes too comfortable in the constant sonic discomfort and turbulence of their very peculiar experimental noise.

When you are free to express yourself whatever you want, it can actually become a weight, but it’s easy to perceive that with Lungbutter everything feels conscious and artful, it almost seems that when limits are not imposed, somehow your expressive range becomes richer. With their debut LP, Honey, Montréal trio Lungbutter offers a relentless and twisted deconstruction of cerebral experimental noise, that breaks boundaries, flirts with punk and sludge, but with this thrilling tension that reminds us acts like Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, The Melvins or even Nirvana.

Honey is one of the exhilarating and brilliant albums of 2019, 33 minutes full of cathartic bliss and pure joy.

Words: Fausto Casais
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