Mamiffer announce new album, listen to new song “River of Light”

Mamiffer to release new album, The Brilliance Tabernacle, on November 1st via Sige Records.

Faith Coloccia says about new the new album: “I felt this record was a complete psychic and magical observation of the healing power of true love, of respecting vulnerability, of not wanting to forget where we all come from- how we were all once helpless and all deserving of love.”

Listen below to new song, “River of Light“.

The Brilliant Tabernacle artwork and tracklist:

1. All That is Beautiful
2. River of Light
3. So That The Heart May Be Known
4. Two Hands Together
5. To Receive
6. Hymn of Eros
7. To Be Seen
(album artwork and design by Faith Coloccia)

Live dates:

Nov 4 / The Crocodile / Seattle, WA with Mono (Japan)
Nov 5 / The Imperial / Vancouver, BC with Mono (Japan)
Nov 9/ Modular 8/ Portland OR, with Daniel Menche and Jim Haynes

Photo credit: Paolo Gonzalez
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