Mamiffer share new track “To Receive”

Mamiffer have released a new album track “To Receive” ahead of the release of the album, The Brilliant Tabernacle on SIGE Records on November 1st.

Mamiffer’s latest album transmutes darkness and rejoices in the force of life by illuminating the beauty of creation. Beginning with a foundation of piano, organ, and voice, Faith Coloccia enlisted her partner and long-time collaborator Aaron Turner along with a congregation of auxiliary musicians to help her construct “a guiding light” in the form of seven songs.

Listen to “To Receive” below:

The album as a whole represents a mythical narrative: the hero’s descent into the darkness of the soul and the generational sickness of our current culture and its history, followed by the triumphant reunification with the primal deep of total love. This process generates the power to break the spell of linear time, thought and action, and produces instead a sense of cyclic and physio-psychic existence. It provides the opportunity to overcome indoctrinated amnesia, to uplift collective strength and allows for the restoration of in-born self-love” Coloccia says of the making of The Brilliant Tabernacle.

Photo credit: Ethan DeLorenzo
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