Mantar – Ode To The Flame


Mantar - Ode To The Flame (Nuclear Blast) 2016


RIFFS! If for some reason Mantar were the last band on the planet, the entire spectrum that goes from punk to metal would be safe. Mantar, that fucking wrecking-ball! These guys are the most solid two-piece you’ll be hearing in 2016 and, believe me, their live set is heavy and consistent as fuck. Mantar prove you don’t have to play tacky guitar solos and other jugglery to be a guitar master (if you’ve seen Godflesh live you know what I mean). Imagine Motörhead had a nephew. As a little kid, he was thin and sick. His colleagues made fun of him for being weird. Well, he grew up to be a strong and pissed off adolescent, he is into the swampiest sludge metal, the angriest punk-hardcore, and is coming for those who bullied him before.

Words by Ricardo Almeida
For Fans Of: Godflesh, Graves At Sea, Indian
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