Marika Hackman – I’m Not Your Man


Marika Hackman - I’m Not Your Man (Sub Pop) 2017


With the release of her sophomore album I’m Not Your Man, Marika Hackman proves she has lot more to offer than her folk laden debut album, 2015’s We Slept At Last would suggest. Hackman’s latest release introduces a bold new collaboration with London band The Big Moon.

Signing on to Sub Pop and enlisting the talents of The Big Moon has proven a step in an impressively sharp, yet charming new direction for Hackman. I’m Not Your Man boasts an edgier set of grungier tracks with songs like the fabulous “Good Intensions”, yet makes a point to return to songs more reminiscent of Hackman’s folk roots like heart-breaking “Cigarette”. Outside of the impressive new soundscapes Hackman and The Big Moon bring to the record, the lyrics prove especially fresh, witty and honest.

Sandwiched between oddball bodily descriptions, tales of lost love and pleas for an honest relationship, Hackman’s whit is razor-sharp. Lead single “Boyfriend” is fabulously tongue and cheek, and the self-deprecating second single “My Lover Cindy” displays a wonderfully confident songwriter at the top of her game.

Words: Jamie Page Beveren
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