Marissa Nadler shares video for “Lemon Queen”

Following the release of her new album The Path Of The Clouds, out now via Bella Union and Sacred Bones, Marissa Nadler today shares the video for “Lemon Queen” ahead of her New York City record release show at Le Poisson Rouge on November 14th.

‘Lemon Queen’ is the name of a sunflower variety that grows as tall as 8 feet, thriving in full sun,” says Nadler. “The sunflower points its head directly towards its life force, growing tall and upright. Perennial flowers and trees watch entire generations come and go, season after season, sometimes the only constant in a sea of change. To me there’s something very beautiful about that. This song isn’t about a sunflower, of course. It’s an extremely personal and first person narrative, and the Lemon Queen is there through it all.

The “Lemon Queen” video was directed by Eden Tijerina, features Jessica Relinda Maas Venuat, and was filmed at a 15th century estate in Umbria, Italy. “When I thought of what I might contribute to one of Marissa’s songs, I recalled all the feelings she evoked when I was a troubled teen, playing songs of hers over and over on a battle-scarred iPod,” says Tijerina. “Music was a companion I could rely on, one that provided inspiration and encouragement I couldn’t find anywhere else, as well as a running chronicle to everything I did. Now, as an adult, I realize the depth of her artistry: her uncanny knack for reaching those tender, unexamined areas in your heart you can’t seem to locate. In making this video for Marissa, I wanted to recreate the spaces I used my favourite artists to access, a world like the ones I escaped to after school, watching music videos on a computer at the library, daydreaming that one day I could learn to express myself in such a fulfilling way.”

Watch the video for “Lemon Queen” below:

Photo credit: Kristin Cofer
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