Matmos – Ultimate Care II


Matmos - Ultimate Care II (Thrill Jockey) 2016


Ah, the pleasantly mundane procedure of everyday life. You spin the dial around to the correct spin cycle and temperature setting, punch a button and then leave the machine to its own musings as it fills up with water and inner cylinders begin to clank and whirr into living motion. While you’ve wandered off to more pressing concerns, leaving the stolid robot in your hall cupboard to take care of washing and rinsing duties, all kinds of electronic mayhem and jiggery-pokery could be taking place inside tiny cogs and circuits you’ve unwittingly set in motion. After a few minutes of this album-length piece, in which Matmos continue their examination of our domestic surrounds, rhythm and backbeat have been formed from the gush and roar of a redundant washing machine. What could be a sterile exercise in the electroacoustic dissection of modern life becomes instead a playfully ebullient electro-boogie voyage into the soul of the most plain and taken for granted apparatus.

Words by Euan Andrews
For Fans Of: Mouse On Mars, Autechre, Funkstörung
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