Movements – Feel Something


Movements - Feel Something (Fearless Records) 2017


Feel Something is an album that refuses to be pigeonholed by anyone’s standards of “what alternative rock should be.Feel Something is also an intense physical, emotional, and spiritual experience. I’m not sure what to feel while I’m writing this trying to review something so deep and so emotionally compelling, because this is an album that leaves you uncomfortable, but at the same time brings you hope. It makes you angry and confused but there’s an empowering element here that really shows you the path to catharsis. Introspective and detailed,

Feel Something is an open book, Patrick Miranda’s explosive vocal delivery is outstanding, but the evocative and reflective lyricism along with the album’s layered arrangements and tight songwriting provides a pure adrenaline rush for the listener. Somewhere between La Dispute’s Wildlife, Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends and Brand New’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, The Southern California quartet have delivered a corrosive and creative effort.

Feel Something is unconventionally modern and diverse enough to evade genre or scene clichés, there’s little else out there like it at the moment.

Words: Fausto Casais
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