Muncie Girls – From Caplan To Belsize


Muncie Girls - From Caplan To Belsize (Specialist Subject Records) 2016


Muncie Girls are that kind of band that just make a statement quite effortlessly. The trio born from Exeter’s punk scene and that was something that fueled them to go out there and address their anxieties and social concerns that are much needed to be talked about. That’s what stands out about them and about their debut album, From Caplan To Belsize. Their music approach invokes names like Sleater-Kinney or even Screaming Females, not only for their classic punk rock songs, but also for their ability to speak out their minds through the lyrics. Vocalist and bassist Lande Hekt is massively inspired by what surrounds her, such as rape culture, immigration policies, and other social and personal issues. The result is ten songs created with consciousness and thorough delivery to such important subjects to us and of course to them. An impressive and catchy as hell record.

Words by Andreia Alves
For Fans Of: Hop Along, Screaming Females
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