Nate Hall of U.S. Christmas (USX) Picks His Highlights of The Year

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We invited artists, labels and publicists to tell us which records or artists they’ve personally enjoyed over the last twelve months. Nate Hall‘s picks below. Nate Hall’s most recent works, Fear of Falling and Electric Vacuum Roar, are out now, and his upcoming new album, entitled The Center of the Earth, is coming in 2016 via DGRecordsU.S. Christmas’s (USX) latest album The Valley Path is out now via Neurot Recordings.

Most people that know me would say I pretty much do what I want most of the time. I don’t like to rank things, especially music. Even though that was what I was asked to do, I instead decided to list some highlights from the last year…or so.

1. New Mike Epps bootleg youtube video.
All of us in USX, with the exception of Meg (although she has laughed a few times) love Mike Epps. Travis plays him at least once on every stretch we travel. He never gets old. He must have been practicing his unicycle skills, because it took a minute for some new stuff to come out. It’s more of the same, which is perfect. Thank you Mike, for little arms, corduroy pants, vinegar, big girls, and grape swisher sweets. What room your mama in!!!???

2. Sleep in Atlanta
I got to see the Weedians in proper form, and for free to boot. Pike and Al both had huge walls of amps and tone for days. Pike was shirtless as always, and gives all us veteran white dudes reasons to be proud of our scarred up tattooed bodies. He hung out on the curb outside for hours afterwards, still shirtless, sweaty, and jovial. Thanks man. Thanks for the guest spot, Dorita.

3. Ryan Wolfe bar dance in Richmond
USX played Strange Matter last spring, and the sassy little drummer from Windhand kept the show going after hours. I caught bits and pieces of his shenanigans as I loaded out my gear, but caught the finale, which was Mr. Wolfe dragging his butt across the full length of the bar and launching off the end, all with a “what are you going to do about it?” sneer on his face. Nobody did anything about it. Awesome.”

4. Young and In The Way in Asheville
I was responsible for this. Lots of people were butthurt that YAITW were coming back to town after their epic destruction of an upscale bar downtown the previous summer. There were a lot of veiled threats, whines, and protests. But in the end, nobody did a damn thing. The show was great. Except I forgot how to tune my guitar. It happens.

5. Weedeater in Asheville  
Nobody makes me laugh as much as Dave Collins. And he came through when I needed it most. Tinfoil…good buddy.

6. Tour with Dorthia Cottrell
I was lucky enough to hear this smoky dark angel sing her songs night after night for weeks on end. We survived some sketchy cities, white knuckle drives, and gypsy trickery.

7. Eastern Europe
I spent a good month over there with Mario Mike and Yulia, my solid road partners. One of the smoothest, hassle free tours I’ve ever been on. And I’m a handful, I know it. Thanks, you two.

8. Serbia
Think you’ve been to some rough places? Go play Serbia.

9. Melvins in Austria
My second time seeing these guys was as good as I could have expected. I played the after show in a smaller venue on site at Arena, a wonderful music complex in Vienna. There were refugees from Syria and Somalia at the show, and a handful of the Somalian guys were hopping up and down while I played. They loved it, which made me happy. And when the Somalians love you, you’ve got it made in the shade.

10. Amenra in Portugal
I love these guys. Some of the most creative and pleasant guys on the planet. Colin gave me their new record in a wooden flash drive attached to a rosary necklace. I’ve still not figured it out, but man, that’s classy. Also, I got to see Portugal for about thirteen hours.

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