NeroArgento – One Against All


NeroArgento - One Against All (Go With Me Records) 2016


NeroArgento is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and a songwriter, but most importantly is a creative force of nature, his ability to bring electro into rock or metal is outstanding. One Against All is strong, sounds bold and fresh, it’s fair to say that is quite hard to define NeroArgento’s sound, but it’s close to Ministry exhilarating and euphoric remix formula and Linkin Park’s Re-Animation sugary electro pop/rock crossover. Multi-layered and very effective, One Against All is catchiness beyond their powerful groove, this is a one man show and that’s very impressive. Not sure what is going to be Alessio Ferreo – aka NeroArgento – next step, but we’re quite curious to see where his creativity can go.

Words by Fausto Casais
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