Night School – Blush


Night School - Blush (Graveface Records) 2016


Blush is charming in every way. If you are looking for the perfect soundtrack for your summer, Night School’s debut full-length should be your mandatory pick. From the sunny California to the world, Night School are a dreamy-trio of good friends that sound like a perfect match between a heavier garage version of The Shirelles, Best Coast surf sunny vibes and Weezer’s Pinkerton classic with Brian Wilson on vocals. Blush is full of heavy-distortion, fuzzy and spiky guitars and complex melodic sticky harmonies. Alexandra Morte’s nostalgic and dreamy vocal performace is an absolute standout. We must admit that Night School’s Blush was love at first spinning. The near-perfect balance they strike between this dreamy nostalgia and infectious indie-surf-rock is too damn good to let go without any kind of fight.

Words by Fausto Casais
For Fans Of: Weezer, Best Coast, The Shirelles
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