No Age – Snares Like A Haircut


No Age - Snares Like A Haircut (Drag City) 2018


With all the upheaval in the world at the moment, the constant threat of attack from nefarious foreign dissidents, the nuclear age rearing its ugly head once again to be a thing like a real world nu-metal looking for a renaissance, Presidents who seem to have no capacity for empathy/sympathy/love – we are in real need of art that can inspire and lead the younger generation into the streets with love in their heart and revolution on their minds.

No Age may not be that band, per se, but by god they sound like a band that could soundtrack the film (directed by Wes Anderson or Cameron Crowe to give you an idea of what kind of film it would be) that tells the story of the youth revolution.
It’s a bursting, bristling, positivity infused art rock indie mash up that literally oozes goodness, emanates a pure fug of love vibes and is so infectiously hooky that these gentle but ginormous melodies dig in and make themselves right at home like worms in your goddamn ears.

Shoegazey in all the best ways, meandering in the way a cloud can be – floating in and out of melody and harmony, but never outstaying its welcome – it sounds like The Ramones took LSD and found the summer of love – punk, art-rock, indie and genuinely joyful songwriting nuance has gone into the making of this – it’s a beautiful little album and a real surprise package.

Heartily recommended.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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