Northlane – Node

Northlane Node

Northlane - Node (Unified) 2015


Sydney-based band Northlane had a markable moment in their career when they released 2013’s Singularity, a record that was well-acclaimed worldwide. That was a great thing for them, as they toured the world twice over 18 months before coming home. But during their time off to rest and write again, frontman Adrian Fitipaldes left the band due to mental and physical exhaustion.

Without a frontman and with the will to move on, the guys looked up for a new frontman on a public audition process. The chosen one was the 23-year-old singer Marcus Bridge, also from Sydney, which brought an exciting and new approach to the band. Despite his age, Marcus took over the place as frontman of Northlane with great confidence and showed a lot of maturity with his attitudes and performances behind the mic.

Node is the name of their new album and a lot of meanings come across with that name. The whole concept of it is fascinating as it is their sound progression. Don’t expect just heavy and loud songs, the Northlane guys wanted to do something a little more out of the box and they succeed at it. They blend atmospheric sounds with heavy riffs, and with producer Will Putney, it couldn’t be a better fit. Marcus goes from singing melodically to shout out the words, which is a different way to listen to Northlane’s music. Lyric wise, they express their standpoint of the world and people in general.

The power of human connection is something really important and Northlane definitely show with their new album how we all are connected with everything that surrounds us and why we need to take care of our home, the planet Earth. Node is for sure a hymn record of nowadays.

By Andreia Alves
FOR FANS OF: Karnivool, Architects, Bring Me The Horizon
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