Ones To Watch: Interview With Brisbane Musician Hatchie & Watch New Video For Single “Sure”

Hatchie – aka Australian songwriter Harriette Pilbeam – has shared a new video for the single “Sure“. The song was written on a whim when a melody jumped into Pilbeam’s head, and finished swiftly in one day.

I wrote “Sure” about people I know falling in and out of the same relationship issues as we grew out of our teens into early adulthood” she explains. “When I initially wrote it, it was about a couple that decided to give it “one more shot” over and over again because they couldn’t bare to be apart. When I think about all the lyrics now I realise that it could be interpreted in a number of different ways.

Watch the new video below:

With only two singles released (“Sure” and “Try”) and a growing fan base – including Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie -, it’s quite obvious that we’re gonna hear a lot more about Hatchie. We talked to Hatchie to know a bit more about herself and what led her to create such stunning tunes.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what have led you to start Hatchie.
My name is Harriette, I’m 24 and I’ve lived in Brisbane my whole life. I started playing in bands just after I finished high school, but I decided to start my own project last year after writing a few personal songs I felt needed their own space.

Is Hatchie your nickname?
It is! My parents have called me Hatchie since I was a kid, my boyfriend was helping me out with demos and called them all ‘Hatchie demo’ as a joke and it stuck.

When did you start playing instruments and writing music?
I’ve been singing since I was really little and I learnt guitar and piano all throughout school and I’ve been taking writing seriously for about 4 years.

How was it like for you to grow up in Brisbane?
Brisbane is a small town compared to Sydney and Melbourne, it’s a great place to grow up, but very hot in Summer which I do not like! There are lots of bands so it has a great music community.

What were your main musical inspirations while growing up?
When I was growing up I loved listening to Kylie Minogue, Carole King and The Strokes.

How do you usually approach the songwriting process?
I usually start with a vocal melody before figuring out chords to suit it. Then I work on the rest of the song and fill it in with lyrics I have already written.

You have only released two songs, “Try” and “Sure”, and everyone seems to really love them (no wonder, really stunning songs!). How do you feel about that?
Thank you! I am so happy, I have had a great year with lots of support from the music community in Australia and online. I am really grateful for the opportunities I am being given.

I read that Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins is also a fan of yours. How did you find out that?
He and my manager spoke through emails about my music and he said he was a fan – he is really lovely!

Can you tell us what was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Sure”?
It’s about being in love with someone when you know you should break up but you can’t bear to be apart. It’s not about my experiences, it’s about my friend’s experiences when I was younger.

When can we expect more new music from Hatchie? What are your upcoming plans?
I will be releasing an EP called Sugar & Spice in 2018!

What are your favourite records of 2017 so far?
Alvvays, The Horrors, Wolf Alice, Slowdive, Superfood, Cloud Control, Alex Cameron and Fazerdaze have all put out amazing albums this year.

Words: Andreia Alves
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