Oozing Wound – Whatever Forever


Oozing Wound - Whatever Forever (Thrill Jockey) 2016


Lulling you in with a static burst of guitars and bass, like a radio finding a severe weather warning Oozing Wound don’t want you to be comfortable, they do not want you well rested or happy, they want to pummel you with their sonic malice and curb stomp your head until you are begging for more. This is angry, doom infused post-metal that bends you in ugly contortionist ways and throws you discarded to the ditch when it’s done. Guitars are fast and thrash flecked, drums are like angry engine strokes, pounding ever forward, momentum not relenting for much of the album entire run, and vocals are barked, spat, vicious screeches of anguish and agony, lamenting at your life’s inadequacies and laughing all the while. This is an album of some incredible ugliness. And it is all the better for it. Not a second goes by your heart is not verging on utter panic, and its final seconds reveal only your deep need for silence and breathe. An utter success.

Words by Andi Chamberlain
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