Miss May I: “We tackled self-doubt, crumbling relationships, and overcoming particular hardships in our personal lives.”


With a brand new album just released and a decade as band, Miss May I keep challenge themselves and continue to be authentic and bold with their music. Bassist Ryan Neff talked to us about their new album, Shadows Inside, the 10 years of Miss May I and much more.

Miss May I were formed in 2007 and it’s been a decade now. What do you take from all those years as a band?
Nothing makes all of us happier than traveling together and experiencing cool new things together. It’s been a pleasure and here is to 10 more!

Any moment that has standout the most for you guys during those 10 years of Miss May I?
There are so many big moments in our career so far. We are experiencing a bit of a resurgence right now and I think in a few years we will look back at this Shadows Inside record cycle and be able to say: “That was the one, that got us to the next level“.

Shadows Inside is your sixth album and Miss May I’s most bold and brutal album to date. What was your mindset while writing this new album?
We separated from former partners that we didn’t particularly enjoy, and also started working with a different label for the first time in our career. It was strange not having the familiarity of all our friends at Rise, but with that came new relationships at Sharptone and we decided it was time to go for broke.

Which themes did you explore on the lyrics for Shadows Inside?
We tackled self-doubt, crumbling relationships, and overcoming particular hardships in our personal lives. Each song had a much deeper meaning than usual to us this time around.

Where did the title Shadows Inside come from?
The song themes ended up being about how the subtle changes you were afraid to make can suddenly improve your life, and that’s where the metaphor for Shadows Inside came from. The song actually came first and we realized it summed up the record well.

How was it like and recording process with co-producers Nick Sampson and Drew Fulk?
VERY busy, but very fun! It was a 4 month process in the studio alone. I lived in Michigan with three of the guys or two months, then I bounced around LA for two months doing vocals with Levi. It was a blast. I was going through some shit then, and so was the band and being in the studio gave me a healthy outlet for once, and some great material.

How was the process of creating the documentary on the recording of Shadows Inside?
Strange but fun. We have never let anyone into the studio like that. We’re a pretty private band and group of people so it took a special person to cut through the shit and that person was Bobby. Was a pleasure having him around.

Last year you changed of label, from Rise Records to Sharp Tone Records. Why did you decide to make that change?
We loved Rise and the whole team there, but we had already done 5 albums in 7 years and it was time to try something new. I wish I had a more “behind the music” style story, but there are great people on both sides of the fence there.

What’s next for Miss May I after the album’s release?
TOUR TOUR TOUR! You won’t catch us sitting at home this record cycle.

Words: Andreia Alves // Shadows Inside is out now via SharpTone Records.
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