Perturbator – New Model


Perturbator - New Model (Blood Music) 2017


Rooting itself in the predatory clanks and biomechanical pulses of Cold Meat Industry and Coil, New Model might be coming from the same timeframe as the rest of James Kent’s works, but the results are more menacing than anything he’s ever attempted. “Birth of the New Model” and its rushing, woozy synths make for a high-energy intro, “Tactical Precision Array” uses its low-end like a Sherman tank and “Vantablack” is a neon-hued ode to obsession, love and violence – and the second half gets darker still, culminating with the sprawling yet claustrophobic “God Complex”. Whether this is merely a diversion or a taste of things to come, this is Perturbator operating at his most terrifying, building a monolith of steel and sinew, and it makes for an uncomfortably engrossing listen.

Words: Dave Bowes
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