Prism Tats – Mamba


Prism Tats – Mamba (ANTI- Records) 2018


To say I have been eagerly looking forward to the new Prism Tats album would be a mild understatement. His debut album (Self Titled, 2016) was one of my albums of the year and he was one of the acts I most excitedly shared among my friends and social circle. A wonderfully eccentric indie-rock artist who can take simple melodic structures and kick them into top gear with subtle, nuanced and tricky hooks and magical leftfield ideas – he is an act who just has a juju at his fingertips and seems incapable of writing a bad song.

Mamba is a deliriously good sophomore album from an artist who is blazing his own trail in a very barren musical landscape. Where a lot of bands seem to be resting on laurels and falling into cliché, Prism tats seems keen to dig into new fertile soils and trough ground that might seem tough on first inspection, but bloom crops of wonderful musical wheat.
From first to last this is an album that sticks with you, rides your back like Jabba’s weasly little mate, and laughs as it uses your brain as a pingpong table bouncing these tracks round and round your head for days on end.

Wonderful stuff.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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