Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect


Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect (Hardly Art) 2015


Black, dirty and hard. Protomartyr is the perfect music made in the perfect place: Detroit. Once one of the most industrialized cities in the USA, has become an open sewer, where drugs are lurking around in every corner and the irony of life smiled brightly. With so much harm proliferating, Protomartyr amazes with a sound even noisier than the machines who inhabited the city in abundance. It is an attempt to attack the conscience of a lost city, lost to us. They are not alone. There are more bands that currently claim a new post-punk vein, reemerged from the difficulty and confusing times we are living in and when trying to maintain sanity is itself an insane challenge. Punk as a mean of living and education becomes urgent again, regardless of the form in which it is assumed. Protomartyr is a paladin of provocation that we must be alert.

Words by Rui Correia
FOR FANS OF: Ought, Viet Cong, Parquet Courts
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