Rise Against – Wolves


Rise Against - Wolves (Virgin Records) 2017


Tim Mcllrath is truly at one with his song-writing. The Rise Against front-man, writes with an urgency and a rage fiercer than a wild animal ripping through a rib-cage. He’s also a crusader on a mission to air his views, his political angst. And the rest of the band are with him on this journey, saluting his wishes and his grievances. With a new record in the form of Wolves, the act carry on fighting for reason and hope, and they don’t abandon the musical influence, as the instrumentals are always spot on and distinctive. Well they’re warriors of a destructive scene, a Chicago savior of the broken, a punk rock group not hiding inside a bubble, but embracing the world and trying to offer their well worked music as a token of belief.

Wolves is a reminder of Rise Against’s rally for purpose. The world is a broken place, a war-zone, and the band have written these songs with surging grace and intelligence. The album is a compendium describing destruction and poisoned feelings. It’s like a book of truth and bluntness, offering an insight into what these musicians are clawing for.

The songs are all well rounded and punk driven. Songs such as the “Welcome To The Breakdown” which showcases a blunt story-line of a bleak outcome intertwined with a fast-paced riff. And “Mourning In Amerika” which offers a fable of pessimism and a chorus of signified rage.

Words: Mark McConville
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