Russian Circles – Blood Year

Russian Circles - Blood Year (Sargent House)


T The Chicago trio have always expressed through their music a high level of passion and commitment. This combined with the maturity and intelligence of their sound has seen them be at the receiving end of some well-deserved praise and has helped them built a strong fanbase around the world. Over the years, Mike Sullivan, Dave Turncrantz, and Brian Cook have created countless moments of magic through noise, distortion and atmospheric heights. With this new set of dynamics that are both unpretentious and fucking mind-blowing, they have once again delivered one of the most straightforward and diverse efforts of their career.

Brilliant captured by Kurt Ballou at Electrical Audio in Chicago at Steve Albini’s world-famous recording studio where they’d tracked Enter, Geneva and Memorial, Blood Year is an effort crafted with the same energy of a live show. It sounds bleak but tremendously heavy; the intensity of their trademark atmospheric sound is a powerful force, switching relentlessly between carefully exquisite and merciless (almost savage) bangers. Blood Year is an overwhelming treat for the listener’s senses, we dare to say!

Words: Fausto Casais
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