Saint Sister Confirm Debut Album & Share New Single “You Never Call”

Saint Sister, the duo from the North of Ireland, are set to release their debut album, Shape Of Silence, on 5th October 2018. Today they have shared their new single “You Never Call”  (listen below).

The band hail from different parts of Northern Ireland (Belfast and Derry), yet they both talk about growing up with a yearning for an intangible sense of ‘Irishness’ and a romanticised, idealised vision of what it might feel like to live in the cobbled streets of Dublin. Gemma Doherty says “We both moved to Dublin at the same time. Our paths didn’t cross for a couple of years, but when they did, we both knew what it felt like to live in a place that you had dreamt up in your head, only to realise that people don’t quite understand the place where you’ve come from; and that the longing isn’t necessarily reciprocated. Although we didn’t grow up together we shared a lot of the same experiences, it felt like having a childhood friend who knows everything about your family.”

Listen to Saint Sister’s new single below.

Shape of Silence was recorded with long term co-producer Alex Ryan of Hozier. “We found a really good energy between the three of us, and over the course of time have started trusting each other’s instincts a lot more and getting comfortable pushing the boundaries” explains Doherty of the recording process with Alex Ryan.

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