Sauropod Announce New EP & Share New Single “I Know Where You’ve Been”

Norwegian trio Sauropod, made up of – Kamilla Waal Larsen (bass, vocals), Jonas Røyeng (guitar, vocals) and Jørgen Natland Apeness (drums) have shared their new single “I Know Where You’ve Been” via Propeller Recordings – along with the announcement of their new self-titled EP, set for release August 24th.

A cloud is taking a leak, the town is filled with a reek” – Jonas candidly opens with, amidst a backdrop of schizophrenic guitar tweaks. “It’s about being in a shitty mood and still trying to have fun” he says. “When you blame everything for everything; like even the sky is against you. Like someone shaking their fist to the heavens. It’s an aggressive song, but it laughs at the situation.”

The artwork for “I Know Where You’ve Been” is the first in a four-part visual series by Oslo-based artist Natalia Balbina. Speaking a little more on the collaboration with Natalia, Jonas said: “I met her in art school [Strykejernet Kunstskole] four years ago – we quickly became friends. She gets where we’re coming from, and brings her own expression into what we do, which is great!

Speaking a little more on the lyrical meaning behind the new song, Jonas says: “It’s partly bad relationship stuff – like a mutual dysfunction you both know is fucked up, but somehow keeps reoccurring”. However, he also says that the main hook is also intended to be about acknowledging someone and “not necessarily just be a “bad-love” song, but as much about wanting to be supportive.

Listen to “I Know Where You’ve Been” below:

_Sauropod_I Know Where You’ve Been

Photo Credit: Julia Naglestad
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