Sauropod Reveal Seething New Cut “Ripping”

Sauropod have revealed their new single “Ripping” – the latest seething installment from their self-titled EP, released August 24th via Propeller Recordings. At just under three-minutes, “Ripping” showcases the same high-octane, grunge-tinged rock we’ve come to expect from the Oslo-based trio; with an impassioned – and equally enraged – vocal delivery that stands firm on the feminist fundamentals that underpin Sauropod’s lyrical output and overarching ethos.

We want to stand out, and be loud, and actively dare to speak up,” explains bassist/vocalist Kamilla Waal Larsen. “We shouldn’t be afraid of sharing our experiences, or having our experiences mean something to other people as well.

The track makes a blatant comment on sexual violence against women, with vocalist/guitarist Jonas Røyeng contemplating a more retributive path to justice: “It’s a purposefully violent lyric, there’s an urge to actually assault someone,” he says.

Lead hook ‘Why not rip it off and you go free’ is an evolving refrain, with the first initial instances petitioning riddance of/freedom from a situation. “But it felt wrong to stop there,” Jonas says, referencing the track’s closing couplet: “Wish I could’ve found my lover’s violators all at once, castrate them”.

I guess the last chorus turned into being about the urge to literally ‘rip’ someone’s dick off. And ‘you go free’, about how most guys go unpunished for sex offences.

Photo Credit: Julia Naglestad
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