Savages – Adore Life


Savages - Adore Life (Matador) 2016


If you don’t love me, you don’t love anybody (…) Love is the answer”. The starting point to Savages’ sophomore album doesn’t work lyrically by its own. What on paper could be construed as a cheap cliché takes whole new levels of profundity when the London-based quartet assaults the listener in such a startling and absolutely gnarly way.

The doubts dissipate instantly and the answer is enforced almost violently. There are political and social contours that take form of an affirmative action. There’s an entire incisive nature and approach to Adore Life that can’t be possibly overlooked or diminished. It’s a revolution that makes use of words and music, never allowing an unevenness, between the two, to occur. Almost in the middle of its way two of the most important questions emerge, “Is it human to ask for more? / Is it human to adore life?” (“Adore”), creating the most nauseating and revolting feeling. In the light of the social injustices that have been so openly displayed and constantly perpetrated, Adore Life reveals more concern in providing answers than to simply point the finger – even their questions sound like answers. And to achieve its purpose shakes, and sometimes breaks, emotionally the listener with a strong unwillingness to soften their hard hitting nature.

Adore Life is an indispensable compass in this life clouded by fear, pain, and confusion, and Savages are probably the leanest and meanest band around these days.

Words by Tiago Moreira
FOR FANS OF: Protomartyr, The Smiths, Public Image Ltd
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