Sharptooth – Clever Girl


Sharptooth - Clever Girl (Pure Noise Records) 2017


Hardcore will always be a lifestyle, it’s easy to relate to a genre with its intensity and urgency. Baltimore’s hardcore five-piece Sharptooth’s raw energy, provocative and inspiring lyrics are the perfect example of that. From the Baltimore riots, women’s rights, Black Lives Matter and LGBT movements to the orange clown’s insulting politics, there’s a lot to take in with Sharptooth’s explosive debut album. If only kids could hear and feel the passion, the ferocity and passion on this album… Fuck, it’s a chemistry you can’t buy. If somehow, we get back in time it’s easy to see that the next four years will be this generation’s Reagan years, and it also seems that once again hardcore is more than music, it’s also a political and social movement as well. Clever Girl is Sharptooth’s art manifest, they’re here to raise hell and spread their conscious message.

Words: Fausto Casais
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