Shining – International Blackjazz Society


Shining - International Blackjazz Society (Spinefarm Records) 2015


In 2010 a jazz band released their fifth album, Blackjazz. From the more “conventional” jazz to a mixture between jazz and black/extreme metal. A unique approach that floored good folks all over the world. Three years later, Shining took a step further and tried to refine the recipe with One One One that was clearly more songwriting-oriented. But it is with the brand new International Blackjazz Society that they find the balance between a crafty songwriting and the craziness of their own-made genre, blackjazz. From the furiously aggressive and bloody anthemic “Burn It All” to what’s probably the best pair of tracks of recent memory, “House of Warship” and “House of Control”. There’s not one moment where Shining aren’t holding the listener against the wall. Shining are unquestionably unique, frontman Jørgen Munkeby is a fearless and vicious captain, and… They write fucking great songs.

Words by Tiago Moreira
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