Simmer – Paper Prisms


Simmer - Paper Prisms (Dog Knights Productions) 2016


On their debut full-length, Cheshire trio Simmer just sound big. All elements of their first two EPs Your Tonal Mess and Yellow Streak are there, but what stands out on this album is how they managed to embody the best of the noisy punk and shoegaze into something that easily flows from song to song, giving the idea we are listening to one big and long song. Intense and melancholic as fuck, Paper Prisms is filled with fuzzy shoegaze riffs and dreamy, atmospheric sounds. They’re really good blending those elements on their music and just kind of make them fit in the right place. It’s impressive to see with just a few releases that Simmer are already showing such musical maturation and an outstanding confidence.

Words by Andreia Alves
For Fans Of: Basement, Cheatahs, Nothing
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