Sleigh Bells – Jessica Rabbit


Sleigh Bells - Jessica Rabbit (Torn Clean) 2016


Sleigh Bells – Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss – are back! The duo return with their first new album in three years, Jessica Rabbit. Gloriously expansive and full of sonic explosions, this is a return to form of band that totally justifies their hype, once again they are firing raw passionate anthems all over the place. Jessica Rabbit is refreshing in any way, it’s noisy and confident, all over the album there’s a sense of maturity, attitude and precision, Derek Miller incendiary riffs are still damn catchy and sharp, while Alexis Krauss thrashes and wails right on form with her trademark visceral raw minimalist vocal approach. No one matches Sleigh Bells’ chaotic and wildly infectious sound, Jessica Rabbit is unpredictable, wonderfully dynamic and defying in any way. They’re still the undisputed champions of originality!

Words by Fausto Casais
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