Sleigh Bells share new song and video, “Justine Go Genesis”

Texis, the new album from Sleigh Bells, is set for release on September 10th 2021 via Lucky Number and today the duo, composed of producer/guitarist Derek Miller and singer Alexis Krauss, have shared a new track from the album, entitled “Justine Go Genesis“.

One of the first songs written for Texis, Miller sent an early demo to Krauss in 2018, feeling excited about its ultra-fast tempo but slightly self-conscious about his cartoonish, over-the-top metal riff. Krauss clicked with the music right away and wrote her bright, unabashedly poppy melody within a few hours of receiving the track, resulting in a song that sounds like the unexpected intersection of Metallica, Spice Girls, and ’90s drum and bass.

The video for the track, shot on 16mm film and directed by the filmmaker Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell, Queen of Earth, Golden Exits) and Derek Miller with Cinematography by Sean Price Williams (Good Time, Heaven Knows What), picks up where the band’s video for Texis single “Locust Laced” left off, referencing early 80’s horror films, The Twilight Zone, the band’s own incredible live show, and more. This is the band’s second collaboration with Perry and Williams, who previously worked on the video for “I Can Only Stare”.

Listen to “Justine Go Genesis” and watch the video for it below:

Photo credit: Chris Vultaggio
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