Song Premiere: Half Human – “The Bell”

Brooklyn post-punk group Half Human are releasing their first full-length record Positive Image through label and press Specious Arts. The LP follows their debut 7” record.

Today we have the pleasure to premiere the album’s opening track, “The Bell“. A track that explores the more brooding side of post-punk, while the band delivers an extremely acute sonic assault that results from the explosive blend of a very commanding and frantic pulse-sounding bass, a sharp guitar work, and the mechanical-like voices. The perfect opening as not only will grab your attention but will also spark your interest to what lays ahead.

According to the band, “The Bell is a song about the threat communities face under the forces of markets and corporate exploitation. Megalomania, urban development and America’s history with genetic/demographic engineering were the ideas we were thinking about and they seemed to fit with the energy of this tense, angular take on Krautrock that we were using to open our live set. We thought that it would set the thematic tone for the rest of the album nicely.

Positive Image is due to be released on June 8th. Pre-order your copy.

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