Song Premiere: Zooanzoo – “Modes”

Today we’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Virgina based artist Zooanzoo‘s brand new single “Modes“, a track taken from his new album, Neck Out, which is out on vinyl July 27th via Cologne located label Beau Travail and Lagom Audio/Visual from Brooklyn, NY will release a tape version of it.

Zoo commented about the new single: “I created Modes in a sphere of desperation, or maybe of numbness, being involved with someone who becomes absent thru substance, and wondering if a present sense is about, or if it’s all just eyes. Cloudy drooze wears off, and then there aren’t any words, cold eggs, maybe watch some anime, slowly losing your center… sort of a sad one I guess, hah, but all apart of the game.”

Listen below to Zooanzoo’s new single “Modes”:

Zoo also commented about the album’s making process: “Most of the tracks have been experimented with on stage for the past couple of years, see where the energy takes us, then bring it into the “studio”, I’ve sort of always gone with that formula. My recording setup + gear has been the same for close to a decade, just out of necessity.

Finding new ways to use old/basic/hand-me-down machines is what makes electronic music a magical thing, keeps us humble. But I’ve got great friends who help make the songs sound so very full of life, both sonically and spiritually. Sprit Bear (Josh Hebdon) being one of them, as my other half. We’ve been playing music together for a decade now, so when we went to record his drums at Hotel Appalachia with Eric Shy, things felt like they were aligning in this event horizon way. Also featured on the album is Kaleel J. Moore, who is a master saxophonist, we had a quick session before he left town.

Once that was complete, Cyrus Fisher, who runs Lagom Audio/Visual, and is co-releasing the album on cassette, mastered the album, which is now being pressed into vinyl courtesy of Beau Travail based in Germany.”

Neck Out is out on July 27th, pre-order is available in here.

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