Sorority Noise – It Kindly Stopped For Me EP


Sorority Noise - It Kindly Stopped For Me EP (Topshelf Records) 2016


Sorority Noise has always been known for their unique approach to music and lyrics. Their latest EP, It Kindly Stopped For Me is no exception. Released just weeks before their second full-length, the extended play offers up a new sound for the band. Roughly recorded doubled up acoustic guitars line, the walls of the four tracks contained in this release as vocalist Cam Boucher tests his strength with a new vocal technique. Temporarily retiring the higher pitch over-pronunciated drive used in Joy Departed, Boucher delivers a much softer, lower pitched vocal annunciation. The new range is reflected in the lyrics, which showcase heavy, hard-hitting burdens that can strike close to home for any of us. This is not your typical acoustic EP. This is a highly personal, highly emotional release. Though fans have responded positively, Boucher explained it best saying “The thought crossed my mind that maybe these songs shouldn’t have been released, and maybe they were just for me.

Words by Justin Kunz
For Fans Of: The Hotelier, Foxing, Tiny Moving Parts
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