SPELLLING shares new video for “Revolution”

Last Friday SPELLLING – the project of Bay Area-based artist Chrystia Cabral – released her new album, The Turning Wheel via Sacred Bones. Today, she has shared a new video for the track, “Revolution.”

The song ‘Revolution’ is about the struggle to feel whole and to find a nirvanic place of ‘completion’ while fighting against and living day to day within a matrix of exploitation,” says Cabral. “I sing about falling complicit to the grim false narrative of ‘growing up’ becoming a body that lives to labor….as an exhaustive submission that is wearing me down… but that there is still a spark of passion… to resist and reignite. The ‘permanent revolution’ I sing about is this idea that the yearning will never die, it will only grow more powerful within us all—-for a world in which our greater virtues are encouraged and nourished—-this desire is deep within us and this desire will never die out!

Watch the video for “Revolution” below:

Photo credit: Simrah Farrukh
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