Spotlights Share Their Cover of The Cure’s “Faith”

Brooklyn-based trio Spotlights are releasing Hanging By Faith, a five-song EP featuring remixes from Void Manes and ISIS/Palms’ Aaron Harris. The fifth song on the EP, “Faith,” is a cover of The Cure classic, which can be heard below.

In case you missed it, the “The Hanging (Hang Us All) Kris Dirksen Remix” video, directed NY-based photographer A.F. Cortes, can be seen here.

We liked the idea of changing the song titles because, while these remixes really harness the core intention of the original songs, they all took on a completely new life, and totally stand on their own, as new compositions,” explained Mario Quintero. “The new titles were chosen by the people doing the remixes too, which we feel gives the songs even more of a personal touch.

Hanging By Faith Tracklist:
1. The Hanging (Hang Us All) Kris Dirksen Remix
2. Till Darkness Comes (Ghost of a Glowing Forest) Mario Quintero Remix
3. Sudden Violent Movement (Seismic) Aaron Harris Remix
4. Ice Giant (The Size of The Planet) Void Manes remix
5. Faith

Photo Credit: Anthony Tran
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