Stone Sour – Hydrograd


Stone Sour - Hydrograd (Roadrunner Records) 2017


Stone Sour’s long-awaited sixth studio album Hydrograd is here and it demands your attention and your playing device’s maximum volume. Moving away from the whole concept album idea of House of Gold & Bones, which was the reflection of the band’s personal issues at the time, Hydrograd has shifted all the weight off its shoulders and is shamelessly rocking out. Featuring fifteen tracks, this album gathers the best elements of a band that has reached the kind of maturity which allows it to have fun with its creativity. It’s definitely not the strongest album they have put out there in terms of originality, it’s not breaking any new ground and it doesn’t care about it as it seems to have a life of each own. Hydrograd is confident about its rock n’ roll arrogance and that’s strangely liberating.

Words: Anastasia Psarra
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