Stream The First Single From Tesha’s Upcoming EP

Brooklyn-via-Tel Aviv experimental songwriter, producer, and visual artist Tesha has announced her second EP, Growing Pain II, and along with the announcement she is releasing the first single, “See So Good” (listen below).

Tesha explains the emotions behind the track: “It’s about letting go. It’s about that moment when you’re sinking at the bottom of the ocean and you know your end is near, but you smile and you release all the pain because you don’t have anything else to do.”

Tesha wrote this song after the death of her mother, Amit, who was a hero in her life and a peace fighter. “We ourselves die multiple times in life, we shed our skin emotionally like soul-snakes; my mom died physically, the only final death that there is as far as the eye can see, and I died emotionally. Losing somebody you love so much, the pain is unbearable, but this moment is inevitable and it made me grow. I wanted people to know that even the worst fates can turn into something positive and this is why I wrote this EP. Pain is a growing mechanism if you’re hurting…you’re growing into something bigger.”

Growing Pain II will be released December 7, and NY will be able to preview the new material along with the old at Coney Island Baby in the Lower East Side on November 2 – Tesha will be playing with Mau, Jae Luna, and Toobin.

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