Street Sects Announce New LP, Listen To New Single “In For a World of Hurt”

Industrial post-punk duo Street Sects’ forthcoming sophomore album The Kicking Mule will be released October 26th via San Francisco-based label The Flenser.

Listen below to The Kicking Mule’s first single “In For A World Of Hurt”.

Featuring album art by renowned illustrator Francesco Francavilla and the title inspired by Elton John’s track “Ticking,” Street Sects “pairs neo-noir aesthetic with aching lyricism, recalling scenes of fear, loss, crime and desperation”.

The Kicking Mule, tracklist and artwork:

80ww_5884311. 269 Soulmates
2. Birch Meadows, 1991
3. Chasing the Vig
4. Suicide By Cop
5. Everyone’s at Home Eventually
6. Dial Down the Neon
7. In For a World of Hurt
8. Before it Was Worn
9. Still Between Lovers
10. The Drifter​

Photo credit: Mike Manewitz
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