Street Sects – End Position


Street Sects - End Position (The Flenser) 2016


Texas duo Street Sects (Leo Ashline and Shaun Ringsmuth) have created, with End Position, an environment of unceasing industrial chaos. Building a base with samples and frenzied noise, they present lyrical images of suicide, flawed humanity and mental anguish that are neither trivialized nor exploited. Layer after layer of sounds work together, though often pleasantly against one another, to construct the backdrop; it’s an ideal companion to the verbal content of each song. Sects’ greatest achievement, apart from being completely singular and in a category of their own, is the ability to barrage and disorient the senses with confessional punk poetry. There is a sincere beauty that coincides in the discordant universe of End Position; “I’m not suffering, I am blossoming.”

Words by Teddie Taylor
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