Surachai – Come, Deathless

Surachai - Come, Deathless (BL_K Noise)


Prolific Chicago/L.A.-based musician and producer Surachai returns with Come, Deathless, his newest album since 2016’s Instinct and Memory. Assisted by drummer Aaron Harris (ISIS, Sumac) and keyboardist Joey Karam (The Locust), Come, Deathless brings some minimalism and primitivism into a cacophony of sound manipulation, dynamics and textures. There’s little in the way of conventional experimentalism and noise, but the way Surachai blends these two elements, along with many others, needs to be carefully examined and dissected. Along with Author & Punisher, Necro Deathmort and Prurient, Surachai is part of a new generation of noise makers that are using sound as a vehicle to defy classic conceptions of how music should be perceived and explored.

Words: Fausto Casais
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