Tacocat – Lost Time


Tacocat - Lost Time (Hardly Art) 2016


If you want an album full of songs about millennial life and pop culture surrounded by melodic, angst ridden music then look no further. Lost Time, the third outing from Seattle based Tacocat contains all of the above and so much more. As righteous as their previous efforts, if showing they’re maturing slightly, Tacocat certainly have a voice they aren’t afraid to vocalise. From “I Hate The Weekend” through to “FDP (First Day Period)”, singer Emily Nokes encapsulates all the emotion in the lyrics and gives it an almost bored edge, which adds to the monotonous millennial life Tacocat are representing. The same framework for the past two efforts is still here, but there is a definite evolution to the Tacocat mindset, something that can only bode well for the future of the four piece.

Words by Steven Loftin
For Fans Of: Bully, Blondie, The Orwells
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