Thalia Zedek Picks Her Favourite Albums Of The Year

Thalia Zedek by Lana Caplan

We invited artists, labels and publicists to tell us which records or artists they’ve personally enjoyed over the last twelve months. Thalia Zedek‘s picks below. Thalia Zedek Band‘s latest EP, SIX, is out now via Thrill Jockey.


Myriam Gendron – Not so Deep as a Well (Feeding Tube Records)
Myriam Gendron sets Dorothy Parker’s poems to music on her brilliant debut album. Her voice is beautiful, deep, haunting and utterly unique as is her fingerpicking acoustic guitar playing.


75 Dollar Bill – Wooden Bag (Other Music)
Che Chen and Rick Brown create a world of their own, or maybe even a language of their own as they combine Mauritanian guitar figures with waves of home built and hand played percussion.


Horse Lords – Hidden Cities (NNA Tapes)
This Baltimore blew my mind when I saw them play at Boston Hasslefest #6. Two drummers playing seemingly different rhthyms that join and diverge in long patterns of repitition. Hypnotic yet kinetic, this record spent alot of time on my turntable this year, Released in late 2014, they released a remix of the record in 2015.


Circuit des Yeux- In Plain Speech (Thrill Jockey)
Incredibly intense yet chilling, Haley Fohr has one of the most striking new voices that I have heard in quite awhile. She’s only in her early 20’s , but obviously an old soul.


GY!BE – Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress (Constellation Records)
Majestic, moving and intensley visual , this album has a tenderness to it that set’s it apart from the others.

Photo Credit: Lana Caplan
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