The Beverleys – Brutal


The Beverleys - Brutal (Buzz Records) 2015


Some might say that punk rock doesn’t need a saviour, some might say that the whole grunge scene is a thing again. In the meanwhile another Canadian band is here to change both scenes, I said another because Fucked Up already changed the punk scene a few years ago and White Lung more recently almost brought together both worlds/scenes. All that to say that this junk noise-punk trio is ready to change again both scenes, and the question is: Have you met The Beverleys? Sharp and heavy, noisy and grungy, simply put this might be your favorite new band. With a pile of riffs upon riffs, Brutal, their debut album, is undeniable different, full of sonic explosions and screamy caustic noise. Think Sleater-Kinney meets Fucked Up meets Babes in Toyland meets The Breeders and you already have a clear idea what to expect.

Words by Fausto Casais
FOR FANS OF: Sleater-Kinney, Fucked Up, Babes in Toyland
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