The Holydrug Couple – Hyper Super Mega


The Holydrug Couple - Hyper Super Mega (Sacred Bones Records) 2018


If you are fond of super laidback synth-lead soundscapes that simultaneously sound like a city bursting and bristling with life around you and a drug fuelled psychedelic mental breakdown – but, with Beck soundtracking your jagged fall into the abyss, then I have a feeling The Holydrug Couple and the wonderfully barmy Hyper Super Mega are the prescription that will keep you high and merry for quite some time.

A cacophony of layered synths, vocals, harmonies and spoken word push your speakers and surround sound to the limit of concentration and excess with opening eponymous track, before the album cascades into Polyphonic Spree meets Beck by way of Flaming Lips-esque shoegazey pop.

It’s a dream-like album that manages to stay cohesive and interesting throughout, despite its many, many forays into almost self parodying moments.

Words: Andi Chamberlain
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